Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines.

Pay Per Click better known as PPC works well for instant results in terms of traffic for your online business. It gives your brand wider customer visibility for your targeted users looking for your offerings or Business products and services.

As per the latest statistics, more than 85% of the web searches done in India are on Google Search engine. Showcasing your brand on the Google search ensures to be a key success factor for any business online that wants to gain customers through the online medium. While our SEO team can work on the organic visibility, traffic and rankings for your website, PPC campaign can help you to get instant results and hence sales. Running Google Ad campaigns will boost your Brand visibility along with keyword-based traffic for your business offerings.

There is nothing as effective as Google AdWords when it comes to paid online advertising platforms available today. Similarly, our firm is well known to be the curator that can help you make the most out of Google’s Pay per click advertising program. We have our clients based around the world and cater to their needs from our workstations. Irrespective of where in the world you are based, with our expertise in this domain, we can help you gain traction in just about any market.

Paid Search Advertising

This is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your service and seeing direct results in just about no time. It is targeted to reach exactly the right audience and is sure to lead to tangible results.

PPC Remarketing

Getting the first response from your target market may be easy. What is important is to constantly engage them and continue to get a response from them to grow your community. Our program is sure to have this turned to reality.

Social Advertising

If you are someone who is looking for a quick response from your audience, our social advertising is definite to have the tables turned around for you.

Display Advertising

Increase brand exposure, engagement, and conversions like never before. We can help you generate both campaigns that will increase brand awareness as well as help you to garner and manage direct response from your consumers.

Video Advertising

Our video advertisement methods are definite to make heads turn as you learn more and more about us. Increase your brand’s presence with our expertise in the arena.

Why should you go for Google AdWords or PPC Advertising

SEO is definite to help in ensuring that your website will get ranked higher organically. One thing that we do not have any control over is how to get your website listed on the first page with the target keywords. While many in the industry are known for giving false assurances for the same, it is rarely a reality. No one has in their control anything beyond ensuring the content is right.

This is where Google Adwords comes into play. This is a paid advertising platform by Google wherein you can assure that your website makes it to the first page of Google listings. If you run a search for the premium web designing platform in India, if you have put in SEO keywords like "web design agencies in

New Delhi", "web designing agencies in Ernakulam", "web designing companies in India" organic ranking will take quite some time to ensure that the search results will throw your website as the top result. This is where Google Adwords comes into play. You pay per click that you get from these AdWords and hence it is referred to as the PPC program.

Paid campaigns are often opted for by people who want their website on the first page in the Google search results. Our organization is at the helm of ensuring that your investment reaps the maximum fruits. With clients all over the world, we can vouch for effective ROI based on the investments made by our clients in this space. From Delhi to Cochin to UAE too, we have always given our clients the worth of their money

Advantages of AdWords

  • Google AdWords allows you to put in your money in volume as you may require. It is an extremely flexible investment option and is sure to help you control your costs.
  • You can moderate when the delivery of this money happens. You get to decide and review when your money should be used to put you at the top of the list.
  • Another amazing thing about AdWords is that it gives you the freedom to target the audience for which you want this rating to be visible. This makes it flexible and assures a greater return on investment.
  • AdWords is the quickest way to ensure that your money is getting converted into fodder for your audience. The results are completely trackable and further corrections can be made based on that.
  • It gives you the freedom like no other to experiment on what really is it that you want to do with the money. You can try different models to identify which one suit you best.
  • AdWords also allow users to restrict their ad word management to certain regions that you think are more relevant for your brand. This ensures complete control in the hands of the brand.
  • With daily scheduling capability, you get a chance to experiment with different ideas and ways of reaching out to the consumer.
  • AdWords generate a detailed report of your progress starting from where you put your money in and what the result of each of those has been like.
  • Alongside, you have complete control over keywords which ensures that you have got the complete control of the brand in your hands.

Here is how you can make your AdWords Campaign stronger with our aid and assistance:

With an experience of over a decade in the industry, we have been ranked as amongst the pioneers of delivering social media expertise and flag bearers of amazing digital marketing campaigns. What sets us

apart is our pricing model. We have a fair-fee policy. Our ad campaign come with an MRP, if you continue to work with us, we add a retainer fee to the total.

Here is the approach we follow to help our clients achieve their digital goals:

We structure our digital takeover plan based on the organizational goals set by your company. We undertake extensive research and analysis and thereafter create an ad campaign suited to your needs. We use tools to ensure we have the right targeted keywords for you.

We also have tracking tools and analytical tools with us to monitor the progress and ensure that the budget is getting utilized in the best way. We understand that managing a digital campaign is a continuous process and we work to ensure continual progress.

If you are looking for an organization that can take care of all your needs at once, get in touch with us and takes the first step towards your digital journey.

Mobile is the latest and fastest way of reaching out to your customer. Irrespective of the space you are functioning in, it is absolutely necessary to have a great application interface. But it rarely ends at that, you need to ensure you have traction among consumers to download and use it. This is where we can help you.

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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